Aims of the Yes to a Birmingham Young Mayor Campaign



We have recently had a number of people asked us why we are campaigning for a young mayor and questioning why it should replace current engagement methods that are already engaging with young

The truth is that a young mayor shouldn’t replace current ways of youth engagement, but should act as a way of supporting them.  The sad fact is that many young people are unaware of ways they can engage in politics or even worse they have thoughts they would love to share but don’t feel they will be listened to. A young mayor can help bridge this gap and provide a voice for young people. They can listen to young people already engaged in politics but even more importantly they can provide a voice for people who aren’t. They are the voice of young people, chosen by young people.

But our campaign goes beyond lobbying for a young mayor in Birmingham….

We want to highlight the thoughts and opinions of young people across Birmingham to understand why they feel the way they do and how they want to see things changed.  Who better to tell us why things need to change, if indeed they do, than young people themselves?

Often the problem isn’t that young people don’t want to engage, it’s that they don’t know how, unless you are exposed to the different options open to you, and given the confidence to get involved, how can you give your views?

That’s why our campaign is based on 3 key aims in order to encourage youth engagement in Birmingham:

•       To raise awareness of the different ways young people can engage
with politics.

•       To highlight the issues and concerns young people currently have in
regards to both the quality of services they receive and the
leadership of Birmingham

•       To support new ways for young people to work with the leaders of
Birmingham to provide a voice for young people

We have a number of projects and objectives lined up to help us meet these aims, and will be working closely with organisations who are already doing great work in helping young people have a voice. Our first mini project will also be launching very soon!


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